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7 Lessons that Sam Ovens Learned that made him a Millionaire

Sam Ovens started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2011. After his life-changing trip with his girlfriend at that time, he resigned from his work. With no many at hand, he sold his car and started his first business at his parents' garage.

He spent $15,000 to build and make it work but unfortunately, it didn't work out. He later on started his second business but it also failed. At this point, he was all out of money, already maxed out multiple credit cards and family loans. But he didn't quit and started to see the world in a whole new way. He joined an online mentorship group and started interviewing business owners to understand the market.

Finally, in 2012, he succeeded in his 3rd attempt with the property inspection app that he made and his consulting business. By the end of the same year, he started earning $100,000.

Sam Ovens experienced a lot of ups and downs like everybody else. The transformation didn't happen overnight, he said. He learned from his past mistakes and from other people's experiences.

With these lessons he learned in mind, he generously shared to his students the 7 things he truly believed that change his life.

1. Only Sell What The Market Wants

You cannot create desire in a marketplace, you can only harness and tap into what already exists.

He believes that the reason why his two businesses didn't work is because of the fact that nobody needed it. It doesn't matter how good it looks or how many features in it, nobody needs those that he is offering or selling at that time. So when he realized this, he started asking people about their problems and find out what they truly needed.

2. Find The Best Model In Your Market And Model Them

When you're starting out, there is no path to success faster than finding the winning business and modelling exactly what they're doing.

Successful people and companies are successful for a reason. Try to find out who is the best in business and observe everything that they're doing. Be their customer and take note everything they're doing such as how they advertise, what channels or platform they are using and many more. Once you have all the data, learn from it then do the same thing to your own business. Just make sure that you do not break any law.

3. Learn How To Sell

Whatever you're doing in life, you're always selling something

Whether you're a salesman or a freelancer, you need to realize that in order earn more, you need to learn how to sell your product or specialized skill. One thing that Sam Oven learned is that you need to present the benefits that they can get from you or what your selling than its features. You need to present the solution to their problems that they have endured for a long time.

You can check the free 7-days Sam Ovens trial program of his Consulting Accelerator HERE for his sales techniques and tips.

4. Know Your Numbers

The solution to this problem is to measure everything so that you can use the data to make decisions instead of your using your gut.

Make full use of the data and know your key metrics. Make also a habit to check your financials daily. Use an accounting system and reconcile with all entries daily so you could monitor where your funds are coming in and out.

5. Get Out Of Your Own Way

In life and entrepreneurship, I am firm believer that you are own worst enemy. Fear, laziness, self-sabotage and the lies that you tell yourself are more treacherous to you than any market force or competitor.

If you want to succeed, you need to rewire you thinking and force yourself outside your comfort zone. Don't let fear and any negative thoughts control you and hinder your growth.

6. Give First, Take Later

Reciprocity is defined as responding to one positive action with another positive action, and when it's used correctly it will change your life.

In business and life seek to help other people first and help them solve their problems before expecting anything in return.

7. Never Stop Investing in Yourself.

Education never stops and the moment you stop investing in yourself is the moment you will fall backwards into decline.

Try to learn as much as you can as there is nothing more valuable than your knowledge. Make it a daily practice to improve yourself by reading a book, watch tutorials or join seminars or ask for advice and tips.

You can join Sam Ovens' community after trying Sam Ovens trial program to get more advice and tips from your fellow co-students and other entrepreneurs.

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