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Who Is Sam Ovens And Why You Should Be Interested?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

You have probably heard the name Sam Ovens and his digital marketing consultancy firm, especially his Consulting Accelerator Training somewhere or from someone that you know. His successful venture in consultancy is what made him become a multi-millionaire and famous, so it is no wonder that you are already a bit familiar with him.


Sam Ovens was born August 10th, 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand and he is married to his long-term partner Ashleigh on December 15th, 2017.

Before he started his consulting business, he landed a job at Vodafone at 21 years old, while he was still in college, as an intern with $40,000 per year salary. He took up BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, but he did admit that he wasn't able to finish it.

In 2011, his girlfriend at that time, Ashleigh, invited him to join her and hang out with her friends at her friend's beach house. He thought that it would be just some kind of a little shack along the beach, but to his surprise, it was a private island, complete with a helipad, a statue, and other things you'd expect a rich and wealthy person would have. During their stay, Sam met and spent a little time with the owner of the island who opened his eye to the world of successful entrepreneurship. During that time, he said he didn't even know what an entrepreneur is, so he had to Google it.

After his life-changing trip with his girlfriend, he knew that he is no longer happy with his work and with his current lifestyle. So, he dropped out of college and quit his 9 to 5 job at Vodafone to pursue entrepreneurship. He sold his car and started his first business called "PromoteYourself" in his parent's garage.

PromoteYourself is a job seeker network made explicitly for New Zealanders. He spent $15,000 for his first business, but after a year of hard work, it didn't even earn, but that didn't stop him from trying. He, later on, started his second business called ToTheDesk – a service that delivers meals from local restaurants to office workers so they could save time while waiting for food, but that didn't work out as well. At that point in his life, he was all out money and currently has $30,000 in debt.

In 2012, he joined an online mentorship group called "The Foundation". During his training with the group, he received encouragement and business advice from the group. With the help of the group, he soon then realized that the reason why his two previous ventures didn't succeed is that he didn't understand what the market needs are. He regrets that he should have done market research first to understand the market thoroughly. He soon started contacting business owners to find out their needs and demands. And after a dozen interviews with the owners, he eventually started his third business, SnapInspect.


SnapInspect is a property inspection app for property management businesses. He pre-sold $5,000 worth of software license. To get the funding to build the software, he creates and sells websites to businesses. By August of 2012, he starts earning a monthly revenue of $2,500 and was later interviewed by Andrew Warner on Mixergy. Later in that year, it was reported that he was earning $100,000.


What he is earning from his first SnapInspect isn't enough to support it since it is not cheap to maintain it, and he needs to have the constant cash flow to keep up the pace. Rather than finding another business to fund his struggling business, he decided to start offering consulting services to local businesses in New Zealand.

He was then offered by a friend to teach them how to start their online marketing agency. Due to his help and marketing skills he learned along the way, his friend was able to land a big client. Soon after, he starts earning more in his consulting gig than his current business so, in 2013, he sold SnapInspect and used all the money to build his digital marketing consultancy and bought


In just a few years, he went earning from $100,000 to $1.2 million that allowed him to live in his "dream apartment" in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2015, he moved to New York with Ashleigh and started living in a penthouse. A year after, he purchased "" and opened an office in Dublin and hired 40 people. By 2017, he got featured in Forbes and was included in Forbes 30 under 30 list for Asia as his net worth is already at $65 million. In December of the same year, he got married in New Zealand with his long-time partner. He now lives in California and set up a new headquarters for his company.

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