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How to Increase Your Productivity

We all know that there is time that no matter how hard you try to make things done, there is always someone who always gets the job done better and on time. It is okay to feel envious, but don't worry as it is attainable to reach that kind of productivity. All you need to do is to start.

Reading this article is already a good start as you are finally looking for ways to be efficient and increase your productivity. So, let's get started so that we'll not waste more time!

Here are the 4-Part Framework for increasing your productivity by Sam Ovens:


The first thing you have to do is identify your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Without any purpose, you are directionless, and you might do something unnecessary, which takes up time. However, when you know your goal, you can commit yourself toward achieving it.

You also need to identify some of the common pitfalls that trigger you to stop working and reaching your goals. Ask yourself the following:

  • What are the things that distract you?

  • Does your habit of looking at your phone prevent you from working for a long time?

  • Are you getting enough sleep?

  • Do you like to work alone?

  • Or are you doing too much?

By knowing your specific goals and common pitfalls, you'll know what to do and what to avoid.


Now that you know your goals and pitfalls, you need to focus on one area. For you to improve in one area, you need to create or adopt good habits first. Habits don't form quickly, so take time to build one before moving on to your next goal. According to Sam Ovens, his consulting group comprised of 7-figure earners looking to scale to 8-figures. Some people might think that they focus on advanced stuff like artificial intelligence or highly technical marketing strategies, but the truth is they focus on basic productivity. If you are interested in being part of that, you can avail of his consulting accelerator coupon HERE.

Going back to the topic, these are the habits that you can use to increase your productivity and efficiency:

  • Use the Eisenhower Matrix to identify long-term priorities

  • Focus on the most important tasks first

  • Cultivate deep work

  • Keep a distraction list for your thoughts

  • Set small goals for each task

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique

  • Don't waste too much time deciding

  • Eliminate inefficient communication

  • Find a way to automate tasks

  • Learn from what's working and what's not

  • Always make plan B

  • Focus on getting started whatever happens

  • Don't multitask

  • Take a good rest and exercise to regenerate

  • Become an expert to save time

  • Manage your energy and time

  • Know your limitation and avoid getting overworked


Start small, get your groove, know the ins and outs, improve your craft, and start increasing your goal. So, write down your goals from easiest to hardest. Start and focus on the easiest one first until you turn into a habit. And finally, move on to your next more significant goal.

Remember that your goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Focus on one target at a time and celebrate the small wins.


Don't forget to track your progress to assess your productivity and know if you have improved. Some tools and apps can help you track your progress, so take time to find one that will help you with your goal. Be honest with how you track your progress and be accountable if you failed to reach your goal on time.


Efficient people aren't necessarily good at work, but most of the time, they've just found ways or strategies to beat procrastination and other things that distract them from accomplishing their goal.

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