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How Sam Ovens Helped Alex Becker from HYROS

There are a lot of exciting success stories out after they got help from Sam Ovens. The amount of success of his training program is not surprising since it has received 4.9 stars from 3,751 reviews. According to his website, he has produced at least 52 Millionaire students and currently has 20,000 active students.

In this article, we will talk about the success story of Alex Becker.

Alex becker, sam ovens. Sam Ovens Trial

Who's Alex Becker? Well, to keep it short, Alex Becker is one of the students and client of Sam Ovens.

When he started working with Sam Ovens, Alex had at least six or seven different businesses. He had several course companies and even did live streams on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Sam Ovens advises him to get rid of everything and focus on identifying those things that matter. Alex listened to his advice and got rid of everything. Then he focused on one thing, and that was Market Hero, his SaaS company. He was then able to generate more results, more customers, and more revenue.

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Who's Alex Becker?

Alex Becker is known for his YouTube videos, where he teaches everything he knows about entrepreneurship and marketing. He is also known for his Market Hero software, Shopify training program, and his best-selling book, "The Ten Pillars of Wealth."

He was born on May 24, 1988. He first started working for the Air Force at age 23 before starting his tech companies. Not many people know that he was briefly a dating coach around 2010-2011. Then he became an SEO consultant in Texas, where he was born.

His first turnaround in his career is when he launched his SEO platform Konker. It was formerly known as Source Wave, where he sells SEO services and software or teaches people how to do SEO themselves.

Konker is a Freelance market that specializes in SEO services, which is similar to Fiverr. It is now the fastest-growing community for buyers and sellers of fast, efficient services for online and offline businesses. He built it up to $4+ million a year within a few years, but he later sold it in 2019.

After his first business success, he tried other businesses such as Market Hero and Spekter Labs. He even participated in Sam Oven's Quantum Consulting live mastermind.

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Alex becker, sam ovens. Sam Ovens Trial

Market Hero

Alex is trying to revolutionize how email marketing works with this email/lead auto-responder business. It helps by simplifying the process of obtaining the metrics that enable explosive growth as it tracks every sale and conversion across your business.

In 2018, it had at least 4,000 active users.

There are two websites for Market Hero, one is for the software, and the other is for the training programs to go along with the software.

Spekter Labs

Spekter Labs is one of the biggest passions of Alex Becker. Spekter Labs is a supplement company and has created a unique product line to improve focus, memory, and gut health.

He later then sold this company in 2019.

Agency and Consulting

Aside from the mentioned companies above, He also sells online courses on how to be successful regarding internet marketing, sales, and Shopify dropshipping businesses called H-Com 2020.

According to the H-Com official Website, the H-Com or Hero E-Commerce Program is a 10-week online program. Here, they will teach you how to create a Shopify store and make it profitable in as short a period as possible. They will guide you with their step by step proven methods taught by E-Commerce experts making at least $500,000 a MONTH in revenue.

Sounds familiar? It does sound like how Sam Ovens explains how his Consulting Accelerator can help you.

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The 10 Pillars of Wealth

In 2016, he wrote a best-selling book entitled "The 10 Pillars of Wealth."

We will not dissect and provide everything that he wrote in his book, but here the summary of the ten pillars of wealth:

  1. Reject "Getting Rich Slowly"

  2. Separate Your Time from Your Money

  3. Accepting that You Must Be Better than Everyone Else

  4. Every Little F*cking Thing is Your Fault

  5. Adopting an Abundance Mindset

  6. Forgetting "What If" and Focusing on "What Is"

  7. Mapping Out Actions that Achieve Big Goals

  8. Focusing Solely on What Gets You Paid

  9. People Give Money to People That getting People

  10. Surround Yourself with Successful People

Alex becker, sam ovens. Sam Ovens Trial


HYROS is the latest company that he built in May 2019. He intends to revolutionize digital marketing by making it effortless to get a business's sales data and act on it with the most advanced marketing tools online.

With that in mind, HYROS intends to help digital marketers by providing the highest sales attribution and accurate information. HYROS will make things easier for online businesses, large or small, to understand their sales data to make better, profitable decisions.

HYROS will track your customer data by 10 data points and combine them for accurate data. After that, it will take the said data to generate reports that show you exactly which ad sources are generating an ROI.

Final Thoughts

Alex Becker has undoubtedly learned a lot from Sam Ovens on how to make his business work. He applied what he learned from the pieces of advice and marketing strategies that were taught Sam Ovens and got himself richer. As of 2020, Alex Becker's Net Worth is approximately 7 million dollars.

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