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How Andrew Argue got broke and helped by Sam Ovens

Updated: Nov 15

Andrew Argue is an accountant and an entrepreneur who has found his calling to help clients turn their accounting firms into a profitable business in less time. He and his team help their clients by enabling them with results-driven coaching and education programs. His training program receives over 381 with a lot of positive reviews and negative feedback as well. Nevertheless, with the amount of positive feedback it got, we can say that his training and coaching are working for many people.

But all of this couldn't be possible without some help from Sam Ovens. When he started working with Sam Ovens, he went from earning 17,000 dollars a month in sales on his business to 217,000 a month in one month. He listens to Sam Ovens's advice, even did something a bit uncomfortable for him to do. In the end, it all works out. Andrew Argue Sam Ovens's dynamic combo has helped many startup companies grow and reach their goals.

In this article, we will look at his Andrew Argue story on how he became successful in a short period.

So, Who is Andrew Argue And How He Got Broke?

As we have mentioned, Andrew Argue is a certified public accountant in the state of Florida. He joined an accounting honor society and became the president.

He also served on the International Board of Directors based in Raleigh Durham, NC.

In 2011, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers for two years, and at the same time, started selling his accounting services. Before he completed his second year at PwC, he is already part of multiple multi-million dollar client proposals. He ended up working for a Fortune 1000 client and Perry Ellis, which was a major clothing brand. Then he quit his job and got married after three months.

But things started to fall apart when Andrew quit his job and went broke. On top of that, he and his wife have $55,000 student loans. Andrew said that they couldn't even afford to buy a $250 couch that they wanted. He said that he got scared of selling himself and was scared to talk to other people. Luckily, her wife kept her job.

Soon he realized the mistakes that he has been making. He realized that all along, it was a personal finance issue why they are in deep trouble. It is because they are mismanaging their finances. The only thing that will get them out of this situation is by decreasing their expenses. So, they did.

He then started his new venture. He built his own company to help accountants get high paying jobs and named it, The Bean Counter. It is his first attempt to change the industry or make a name for himself. After two years, he sold it to a CPA review company.

After that, he tried to work remotely from abroad. He and his wife traveled and drove across the U.S. to Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, and Spain while building their new business.


In late 2015, he launched, intending to help their clients to build and grow their accounting tax, a financial consulting firm, and other businesses. He and his team helped their clients by providing result-driven coaching and education programs.

According to their website, they aim to drive faster results, which is more cost-effective than traditional educational programs or career paths for their clients. That is so they could grow their income in less time and cost. So, they focused on creating products that shorten the way to get high paying careers and growing firms.

They helped their clients with tax planning to reduce taxes and assigned a chief financial officer to increase their sales and profit. They also have wealth management programs to protect their assets and grow wealth. Overall, they have three main product categories: tax planning software, growth & development programs, and Advisor Partnership.

They started working only with the existing owners initially. Still, they slowly moved into helping people get started without some license, degree, or even certification. Since it began, has accommodated at least 9,000 accountants in 16 countries, and the team has grown to 35 people and is still growing.

How Sam Ovens helped Andrew Argue?

It all started in January 2016. He was already earning $17,000 a month before he met Sam. According to Andrew on his review, he already knew that Sam Ovens knew what he's doing and talked about it when he met him. After only five months with Sam Ovens, he went from earning $17,000 a month in sales to earn at least 217,000 a month in sales in one month. Andrew Argue Sam Ovens is a match made for success. By the end of the year, he had made over $2,000,000 with the strategies that were taught by Sam Ovens.

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Being Named Top 100 Most Influential Accountants

Due to massive success, the National Publication Accounting Today has recognized Andrew Argue as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People and "Ones to watch" in the accounting profession for reshaping thousands of accounting practices with his sales education.

Final Thoughts

The story of Andrew Argue is something that we should always remember. You need to realize your mistakes, be mature about it, and work on it. Always take care of your finances and learn from the experts.

Don't also stop learning and growing just like what he did and worked with Sam Ovens to further expand his business and grow it to a much bigger company. Remember, complacency is an enemy that lurks behind the scenes and will be the sudden cause of your downfall.

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