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5 Key Take-Aways Monk Like Discipline: What It Really Takes To Win

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

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How to really master discipline. How to get so disciplined, the art of controlling yourself. Everyone can set principles, that is not hard. But… It is another thing to really do it and get it done. Every day, consistently! If you are not willing to sacrifice for your goal, then your goal WILL BECOME THE SACRIFICE. It takes abnormal effort to get abnormal results!

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Here’s what we’re going to cover

Discipline: The tool of the masters

Do you want something SO bad, that you are willing to go to hell for it? You need to be willing to control yourself and do whatever it takes to get there. But how do we get more discipline?

Motivation VS. Discipline. True master relies on discipline and NOT motivation, motivation is only what will get you started. Discipline is what keeps you going.

The secret to discipline is to be addicted to long term gratification and not short term.

Examples on instant gratification: Social Media, Smoking, Eating unhealthy, Drinking.

Get yourself addicted to long term gratification and you will develop steel like discipline.

Here are 11 things that will highly increase your discipline:

1. Resist impulses – resist all urges to eat/drink snacks, grab a treat, buy something or check social media.

2. Love pain – Everyday take yourself to the dark places, confront difficulties, feel the pain and love it.

3. Exercise – work out first thing in the morning (everyday) regardless of whether you want to and love the burn

4. Eat clean – get a healthy diet plan and stick to it. Weening yourself off flavor will sharpen your senses and mind.

5. Mediate – Meditate for 20mins every day before work and do it religiously without ever missing a single day.

6. Sleep – sleep is self-discipline, make sure you go to bed and wake up and the same time every day. Don’t waver.

7. Organization – Keep your office, house, car, drawers, desktop, email and everything in your life clean/organized.

8. Time management – plan your months, weeks, days and hours deliberately and stick to it and say no to everything

9. Set goals – always look at your vision/mission, annual goals, monthly goals and your war map action planner.

10. Gratitude – always looking to the future can cause fear/anxiety/stress, practice gratitude daily to balance yourself.

11. Relentless persistence – stick to your plan daily and never waver despite emotion, drama, failure or uncertainty.

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Sacrifice: Giving everything to win

Here’s the thing nobody knows success = sacrifice. You can’t have everything, so how bad do you want it? Sacrifice will actually fuel the fire – every time you sacrifice your energy will start to burn like nothing else! Winners sells their souls. They sacrifice everything to win. For example, Sam Ovens never drink, almost never go out and almost always works. The only social life he has is with his wife. He is ALL IN!

If you want to see how you spend your time. Write down what you do every 30 minutes every single hour for 7 days and put your time into buckets. How much time do you spend on your business? Now you can sacrifice whatever is not productive and instant gratifications. It is your choice if you want to reach your goals! Do you really need it? Be honest with yourself

Focus: Channeling energy into the grid

This is Sam Ovens recipe for channeling energy into the grid. As you see on the picture this is how to win in business! Some people will be pissed, but isn’t it worth it and are they worth anything if they want YOU to sacrifice YOUR goals?

consulting accelerator, sam ovens, discount, USD500, $500
Picture from Sam Ovens Powerpoint Presentation

Inputs (Energy)

· Vision/Mission/principles

· Clear goals & time management

· Self-awareness & future self

· Self-discipline/control

· Clean food & daily exercise

· Meditation & mindfulness

· Sacrifice & ALL IN financially

Processes (Channeling)

· What’s #1 priority for long-term vision

· Remove all stimuli that isn’t that

· Request that aren’t that, say no, ignore

· Only deviate if it’s necessary for survival

Outputs (Results)

· Intensely focused deliberate action

· Completing / shipping things

· Making Progress / getting results

Feedback (Adjustments)

· Increase/decrease energy and/or focus

· Measure results against baseline and goals

· This variable combination does/doesn’t work

With this method you can optimize your system through the feedback loop. Sam Ovens use this equation ENERGY x FOCUS = RESULTS. If you put these together you will win in consulting accelerator!

The grid is your business, and you have to figure out where to channel your energy into. For example, channel your energy into product development instead of watching Netflix and be on social media. In the grid you have customers, prospects, product, marketing, sales team, operations, etc. Channel input into the one that will create the biggest output. Your job is to find out where to channel your energy into. Do it great and fast!

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Consistency: Unwavering commitment to your goal

How can it go wrong if you do all the things mentioned so far?

Here are 3 scenarios:

· Success = consistent progress towards vision

· Stagnation = inconsistent progress to vision

· Failure = no progress towards vision

The biggest danger for failure is if you are not consistent. So, for example in consulting accelerator when you pick a niche it is all about sticking with that niche and be consistent! Don’t change. Sam Ovens say this in the Q&A all the time – Stick with your niche and be consistent! Sam Ovens webinar works VERY well, because it is consistent. It is working 24/7, 365 days a year!

Main failure reasons à People forget the goal, gets distracted, vary inputs, taking eyes of metrics and basically accepting entropy and inefficiency. It’s always avoidable if you keep your eye on the ball 24/7/365

Sam Ovens realized that a boat, helicopter, piano, guitar, drive around in an expensive car was waste of money and he got rid of EVERYTHING and then got back to work!

Systems and tools to stay on the rails

Resources mentioned in this video:

1. Feeding the grid pinup

2. Developing self-discipline cheat sheet

3. War map calendar

4. Health tracking sheet

5. Rice project scoring tool

You need systems to put all this into work. Therefore, Sam Ovens gives you free systems and tools to keep on track with your vision! You can get them here: (

So, if you want to win, develop monk like discipline, have a vision and be CONSISTENT! Remember what Sam Ovens is always teaching us: “If you don’t sacrifice for your goal, your goal WILL BE THE SACRIFICE!”. Success is the sum of your human will, let’s go get it!

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