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5 Key Take-Aways How Billionaires Think: Decoding The Billionaire Mind

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

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Why does it happen that 2 persons get identical information and one output is a billionaire entrepreneur and another one is a complete failure?

It’s not about the information. The main part is the humans' mind. People tend to look only at the

information side, but forget the mind. That is the most important thing...

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We have layers in our mind. Just like LEGO bricks. For example

· Processes

· Business disciplines

· Business principles

· Mental cognition

· Mental awareness

It could be as if you install and application in an outdated computer. If you don’t have the foundations of the billionaires’ mind, then it is just like installing a smart app on a bad computer.

The problem is many entrepreneurs try to only learn processes. If you don’t have the base foundations, it’s just a matter of time before you lose. Make your mind full stack, that is the billionaires mind!

Mental awareness is the first layer. It is about self-awareness. How aware are you about yourself and your habits? For example, self-destructing habits? Are you able to take a third person view on yourself? Your identity, who you think you are and how you see yourself. For example, do you say, “oh no math is not something I am good at”. Belief systems, do you think making money is good or bad?

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Mental cognition is the second layers. This is your ability to problem solve and prioritize your time. This is responsible for scheduling things. When should something be executed? Prioritizing and planning is a key to get success. This layer of the mind will also help you with problem solving. How easy are you able to recognise patterns? Good business people is able to see patterns. They have a kind of hyper awareness.

Business principles

Values and beliefs about business. Beliefs you have about business. For example, in Consulting Accelerator, Sam Ovens main focus is student obsession and focus on long term future cash flow. Some things people obsess about Sam doesn’t even care and the other way around. What should be focused on?

Business disciplines

Fourth layer is business disciplines. For example, accounting, sales, marketing, management, finance, law, tax, product development, etc. It is important to know all things when you are an entrepreneur. The billionaires always know all things. When you learn each skill, then you can hire people to do it. As a corporate worker it might be enough to know one thing, but if you want to become an entrepreneur you must know all things


Step by step processes Analytics, conversion rates, SoMe, Content creation, copy writing, psychology of marketing

The problem is people ONLY learn processes. You need a strong foundation before the processes is working. So, the purpose of the video is decoding the billionaires mind and show how it is different from others. To become a billionaire, you must be able to do all things. Just like Michael Jordan who could play both defense and offense.

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