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Danielle went from Consulting Accelerator to Consulting Uplevel and then Consulting Quantum Mastermi

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She started working at which is a company that is doing online courses / online learning. She decided to become an entrepreneur, because she knew this was her purpose and she linked helping people with any background. She started working for another startup and got “fired”. Therefore, she actually became an entrepreneur by “incident”. People started reaching out to her personally from her network and that lead her to become an entrepreneur. She learned the best way to impact the world is to start lean and don’t think too much about tech.

The people who contacted her actually came from her Facebook and twitter. So, her spreading “bread crumps” on her personal Facebook page, lead to people contacting her. She actually got the job at www.udemy from her low-cost YouTube videos, because they could see she knew what she was talking about.


She was working for 6 months 1 to 1 and then she started online courses, because she had to. If it was up to her she would have waited more, but she had to start. She actually pitched a course that didn’t exist. If they bought it, she would make the course. Luckily, they bought the course for around $8000 and she started building. In the beginning she didn’t even have a name for it.

She told the student that signed up a date for the course to start. She made the program week by week, so she would say “now week 1 is up” then as they went through week 1, she would create week 2 in the meantime and so on. In the end she had 8 weeks. She didn’t have to explain the clients why the program first would start in a month, she just tells them that well, that is when it starts.

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She was used to doing live coaching. Sam ovens did the same and was thinking that if it is for sale all the time it definitely won’t work! They thought that the reason why they got results was because it was live. They found out that, it doesn’t help at all this way. It is better if it is mixed. So, for example someone took the course 1 year ago and another person just starts it. This works better, then everybody doing the course at the same time.

It took her 6 months off to do the minimal viable course, she went back to ground zero and did it live. The second group did much better than the first group. The second group got much better results, because group 2 was made simpler. Group 3 was 6 month later and then she started doing weekly webinars.

She learned that simplicity is key! The first version was very complex and there was a lot information. So, she striped out a lot of the waste and made it as lean as possible. How can they get the same results, with less complicated tech?

Sam Ovens says that the best course would be the least time and effort with the greatest results, so for example “How to be a billionaire instantly, without doing anything with a 100% success rate” this would be perfection. The point is that some people thinks that it has to take long time to show it is a good course, but it is actually opposite. The less time and effort students have to put in it, the better.

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What was the biggest thing she learned from Sam Ovens?

She started to become more structured. So, she planed support, Q&A, marketing, etc. This helped her a lot. It was a big eye-opener for her to hear that Sam Ovens was ONLY focusing on one course. It was her friend who told her about Sam Ovens and the way he did consulting accelerator. By joining Quantum Mastermind Sam helped her to get more structure to the system. She learned a lot about hiring and not having to do everything herself. She was trying to outsource everything, but Sam Ovens told her that if she is in it to win this. She has to start building an in-house team that only works for her. Sam Ovens also talk a lot about performance. Plan tomorrow today, going to bed at the same times, eating healthy, exercising, etc. Before she was not very structured, and Sam really told her that.

A lot of things… But really it is “what would Sam say”. Focus on customer results, it really helps her with her focus. Just like Sam Ovens does in consulting accelerator. But her biggest learning was personal change, so structure, planning, healthy lifestyle, etc.

Her long-time goal is she want to “be the best course in class”, like Sam focus on in consulting accelerator. Her number 1 piece of advice is: FOCUS à the key is to focus, keep going and tracking progress!

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