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4 Essential Time Management Techniques that will improve your life

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Technically, you cannot manage the time itself, but you can manage the events in your life or work. Much like money, time is limited as well valuable. How you use your time is very critical to the success of your work or business. You'll be surprised how much you can achieve if you only knew how to manage it. By managing your time well, you'll get the chance to leave or take a break early, but it will also give you enough time to review and revise your work and get a better result at work.

Finding the time management strategy that works for you will depend on your level of self-discipline. However, Sam Ovens, famous for his consulting firm and his training program called Consulting Accelerator, has shared seven essential techniques to manage your time effectively. If you are interested in his training program, you can avail of the consulting accelerator coupon HERE.

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To-do lists are prioritized lists of all the tasks that you need to do within a specified time limit. Making a to-do list will ensure that you won't forget all the essential work that you need to finish. If you were able to use it effectively, you'd be more productive, more focused, and more efficient in completing all your tasks or work.


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, where you break down work into 25 minutes intervals with three to five-minute breaks in between each task. These intervals are known as Pomodoros. After doing four rounds of Pomodoros or a set, you'll give yourself a more extended break, 15-30minutes, to take rest and regain the ability to absorb new information.

Use this method to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions and maintain concentration and flow over a more extended period.


The Eisenhower Method, also known as the Eisenhower Matrix, is a method you can use to organize duties and tasks based on their urgency and importance. This method requires that you group your tasks and activities into four priorities.

  1. Priority 1 tasks are both critical and urgent

  2. Priority 2 tasks are crucial but not urgent.

  3. Priority 3 tasks are urgent but not essential.

  4. Priority 4 tasks are neither urgent nor critical.

It would be best if you prioritized doing any tasks under Priority 1 immediately. Then, you can complete those that are under Priority 2 at a later time.

All tasks under Priority 3 can be delegated to someone else to help you. Finally, those under Priority 4 can be ignored for a while until you've completed all the essential tasks.


The Pareto principle or 80/20 rule states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In the 80-20 practice, you need to prioritize the 20% of factors that will yield 80% of the best results. Meaning, you need to identify 20% of your tasks that will produce the results you'd want to achieve.

There are more techniques out there to manage your time well. Take time to test which one works for you. Remember that successful time management today can give you greater personal happiness, increased productivity, and a more stress-free future.

If you want to find more techniques, you can avail of Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator. Over 3,000 of his students have quit their jobs after building successful businesses via this course. Click HERE if you want to receive the Consulting Accelerator coupon.

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