Hello everyone. Welcome to I just want to show you how it works, so let's just get started You enter the domain and you are probably already in here, but just for the sake of it.

So you are on the homepage and my video will be here, this is just a test video from WIX. The video I'm making right now will actually be here. To get the discount and the trial, you just press this button: “yes, give me $500 off and free 7-day trial”. Then you enter your email. I will pick this email. Submit.


I will go to my inbox and this is how it will look for you. You'll get this from me: “Your $500 off and 7-day free trial is on the way” and the email name for you will be, you'll get this email and it says thank you for signing up, it's on the way.

This is important. The email will say this is not your discount, I have to put your email in to refer a friend on manually. As soon as I receive your email, you will get the referral. Normally it takes 5-60 minutes and then you have it. Now I will show you why takes a bit extra time and it's because I have to send the referral manually


Now I'll show you the email that I will get when you sign up. I'll get this email from WIX. It says I have a new subscriber and this will be your email. I will take your email like this and copy-paste and then I will go into, login, refer a friend, and this is where the magic happens. so, for example, I'll just write my own name, Magnus and then I will put your email in and too show you the example I will use this again and then you'll get some text here saying thank you for requesting, etc. Then refers to a friend. Oh... it's because I already used this one so I'll just I'll use another one. This is another mail I have. So now the invitation has been sent, so I will go into the mail and this is what you will receive. You will receive this and this is the right one.


It will say Magnus invited you to join Consulting accelerator. This is the email that works, so as you see I have invited you and then you go in to accept the invitation and here is all the information you need. So this is it and for me, I just put buy now and save $500 because at this point I was already convinced I knew I wanted to program and I have had actually save money for 2 months to get it. So $500 off at that time was a lot for me. I searched everywhere on the internet to try to get a discount and this is the only discount he offers, so this is the best you can get.


So if you are convinced like me from all Sam Ovens great videos and all his retargeting on Facebook you can just buy now. But if you're not completely convinced, you can start a free trial and have a look at it and see if it's something for you. So that's it. Good luck and see you in the Consulting accelerator community.


Are you looking to boost your sales or learn how to build a profitable consulting agency from scratch? We have a suggestion that you can check out and try; however, we have a few questions for you first:


Does a 6-figures profit sound perfect to you? How about being able to learn all of this at your own pace and schedule? And can you commit until you get your first customer in 42 days?


If your answer is all "Yes," then an excellent online course that you are looking for is what they called Consulting Accelerator, which was created by one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our time, Sam Ovens. 


This online course is perfect for those who want to start their own business and grow it to 6-figures. This course created 25 millionaires and nearly 500 six-figure earners. 


If you are interested, let us proudly walk you through what Consulting Accelerator is and introduce you to the man behind the solution. Also, teach you how to get the $500 Consulting Accelerator discount thru this page.


Consulting Accelerator is 6-weeks online course, which also comes with physical workbooks, that aims to help you get a client in 42 days by teaching you the following:


  • Reprogramming your brain

  • Fundamentals and foundations

  • How to discover your niche

  • How to identify a market problem

  • How to create a solution

  • How to attract customers

  • How to convert a stranger to a paying customer

  • How to market and sell it successfully

  • How to structure the service delivery and operations of your business

  • And a lot more.


In 6 weeks, Sam Ovens will share what he learned over the years and teach you the business and marketing strategies in his online course; however, he insists that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The success of your business still depends on you if you have the commitment and self-discipline. 


You can apply all the things you've learned from here and follow the practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work, but you still have to do all the work.


Sam Ovens first launched this online program to his group of 50 students. Currently, it has 20,000+ active students with 4.9 stars from 3,745 reviews. You can check the compilation of feedbacks HERE, and you'll see that most of the reviews are positive feedback from his former students.


Sam Ovens and his team use a non-linear education system to provide students with an environment, building blocks, mental reprogramming, real-world application, and market feedback to achieve their financial and personal goals. 


In his program, they make sure that students have the right learning environment by making the online community, which consists of entrepreneurs, be accessible for them to join in where they provide live Q&A calls and mentorship. 


The group has 30,000+ entrepreneurs that are willing to share their experiences, answer questions, and make friends. You'll get a personalized mentorship from the experts to help you where you are struggling with and provide you guidance. 


By joining in, you will able to join weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, live stream sessions, and 24/7/365 support.


Consulting Accelerator consists of 52 training videos in stunning 1080p HD, mp3 recordings, text transcripts, and tools that you can access from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere and anytime you like. Also, you have lifetime access to all of it. Furthermore, they will also provide and ship you a boxset of physical training materials if you prefer printed workbooks.


Included in the box set are:

  • Alchemy notebook

  • Training workbooks with course content

  • Alchemy of self-workbook

  • Alchemic conversion sales script

  • Alchemy planner


Let's look at the course content that will be accessible to you each week.


In week 1, the fundamental laws of nature, business, and consulting are the main topics. It's a 15 hours training program that teaches you the core business principles, picking a niche, crafting and testing your offer.


For week 2, the main topics are about rewiring your thoughts and belief and what kind of mindset you need to succeed. Anyone can learn the strategies, but not everyone can handle the emotional struggles and negative thoughts that can hold you back. That's why the entire week is about rewiring your thoughts and beliefs for you to have the proper mindset and achieve enormous things.


And for week 3, it is dedicated to the art of selling. This section of the training is where you will learn how to convert a stranger to a paying customer. There are six modules for this section that will teach you everything you need to know about sales and Sam's revolutionary sales script as well as how to improve your sales script. 


Now that you know how to sell, the next topic in the training program is how to attract clients. In week 4, Sam will teach you the arts and science of attracting clients through free and paid strategies. 


Here you will also learn the essentials that you need, how to set up your fragmentation tunnel, and how to generate warm leads. Lastly, Sam will guide you on how to plan your 30-day action plan and how to conquer paralysis due to fear or indecision.


In week 5, the whole process of utilizing the Facebook Ad, including their rules and algorithms, will be discussed. Sam will teach you his Facebook strategy that is easy to follow for people that are new to Facebook Ads.


Finally, in week 6, Sam will guide you on how to structure the service delivery and operations for your business for high profits and maximum efficiency while maintaining a high quality of work or service. This week also, he will teach you how to manage your finances, how to build and scale your platform, and market automation.


Sam is currently offering a free trial and a $500 discount on the course. If you are interested, you may click HERE to avail of the consulting accelerator discount. 


However, if you still doubt the program and Sam Ovens, then let us talk about who he is and why you should give him a chance to change your life. 


Sam Ovens is a millionaire consultant with a reported net worth of $65 million and founder of


Born on August 10, 1989, in Auckland, New Zealand, and married to his long-term partner Ashleigh on December 15, 2017. 


At the age of 21, he is working as an intern with $40,000 per year salary at Vodafone in New Zealand. He took up BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) at the University of Auckland in New Zealand while working.


During that point, he thought that he already achieved success in life.


Until one weekend in 2011, his girlfriend at the time, Ashleigh has invited him to go out with her to her friend's beach house. He envisioned that it would be just some kind of a little shack along the beach, but to his surprise, it was entirely different. It was a private island, complete with a helipad, a statue, and other things you'd expect from a rich person, who could be worth $500 Million, based on what he saw on the island.


When he looked at one of the statues, he realized that it might take him 17 years working at his current job to pay for it. The tremendous wealth he witnessed made him open his eyes to a world he never imagined. During their stay, he met the owner of the island and learned quite a few things when he asked around about what the island owner did to make money. He eventually learned that the owner is an entrepreneur and owns a business.


During that time, he doesn't know a single thing about entrepreneurship. He even had to search for the meaning of it and never considered that there is a better option than having a job.


After a bit of research and soul searching, he realized that he is no longer happy with his work and with his current lifestyle. He dropped out of college and quit his 9 to 5 job at Vodafone to pursue entrepreneurship and start his own business. 


He moved to his parent's garage and sold his car for his first business called PromoteYourself. It is a New Zealand focused job seeker network. He spent $15,000 on this business; however, it failed miserably and didn't even earn after one year of operation. 


But he didn't quit and started his second business, which he named it ToTheDesk - a service that delivers meals from local restaurants to office workers so they wouldn't have to settle for fast food or miss out on most of their lunch breaks waiting for food. Despite his earnest effort, his $10,000 business has also failed.


At this point in his journey, he was all out money, and his debt racked up to $30,000. 


In 2012, he joined an online mentorship group called The Foundation and started working on his next venture. While he was in the mentorship group, he received quite a lot of advice and feedback regarding his failed businesses. He then realized that the reason why his two previous attempts failed is that he wasn't able to identify the actual needs of this target market. He created things that his market doesn't need. So, in his next venture, he got specific. 


He soon started contacting some business owners to find out their needs and demands. Soon after, he started his third business, which is called SnapInspect - an app specifically made for property management businesses only.


With this new business, he made sure that there was a demand for his app by pre-selling it. However, he needs money to build it. So, he decided to creating and selling websites to businesses.  


And by the time the app was built and start operating, it was reported that he is earning a monthly revenue of $2,500. Andrew Warner of Mixergy later interviewed Sam due to the overwhelming success of his app. Due to his app, he later reported in 2012 that he earned $100,000 for that year.


Even though Sam is getting enough revenue from SnapInspect, he realized that he needs constant cash flow to maintain it and keep the pace. Aside from continuing to create and selling websites as an alternative revenue source, he also started coaching other students from The Foundation and formed his digital marketing consultancy. 


It was such a success that it even made more revenue than SnapInspect. That is when he realized that people are having trouble with customer acquisition, and there is a significant demand for the solution. 


He sold SnapInspect and used the money to upscale his digital marketing consultancy. As the demand for his coaching services is expanding, people are starting to approach him to teach them how to build a successful consultancy business. That's what made him create the Consulting Accelerator since they would need a proper training program.


Luckily, his training program has brought in $20 Million in revenue, which allows him to move to New York City with his long-term partner and set up a downtown office. 


Eventually, he launches with the new Consulting Accelerator 2.0.


So, if you are interested in trying his online course, here is how you can avail the $500 consulting accelerator discount and free trial.


To avail, click the button that says, "Yes, give me $500 coupon and the free 7-day trial" or click the direct link here. Then, you need to put your email and click submit. It is that simple!


If you click the button, you will receive a thank you email from for signing up. 


Please take note that this is only a thank you email. You will have to wait for our referral link to get the discount. 


Once you get the email with our referral link, click the link and you will be redirected to a page where it says, "Congratulations! Magnus Bo Hansen has invited you to join the Consulting Accelerator program". Here you can avail of the free trial and $500 discount by signing up for the program.


If you ever decided to join but felt unsure at some point whether to continue with the program or not, don't worry as they offer a full money-back guarantee if you asked for a refund within 14-days.


Good luck, and see you soon in the Consulting Accelerator community!